4 Rules to Prevent Obesity in Children

1) Get rid of every sugared liquid in the house.
- including fruit juice (even fresh squeezed), soda (even diet), flavored “waters”, gatorade, etc…

2) Eat carbohydrates that contain fiber
- Stick to mostly vegetables and lower sugar fruits and minimize grain consumption, especially highly processed grains like cereal, bread, pasta, cookies, cakes, etc..
- Eating foods with fiber keeps blood sugar levels stable and helps fill you up faster.

3) Wait 20 minutes before helping yourself to second portions.
- This has several hormonal implications, most notably, giving your brain time to get the “I’m full” signal.

4) Buy your screen time with physical activity.
- Earn your right to watch T.V., play video games, surf the net, etc, through physical activity.
- 30 min of physical activity = 30 min of TV!