Are Carb’s “Evil”??

I was recently messaging with someone on Facebook and they asked me … They posted a question earlier as to whether oatmeal is good for breakfast or not. I said, “YES, go with oatmeal. I love oatmeal, shoot for the more slow-cooking kind because the fiber, it slows digestion and helps moderate blood sugar levels a little bit better.”
Then I got a second response that said, “Well actually, I don’t do well with oatmeal in the morning,” and sort of opened a whole Pandora’s box because it made me really realize that … Well where it may be great for some person first thing in the morning, it may not be at all appropriate for other people. To that point is that there’s ample times where I’ll suggest carbs first thing in the morning for some people and I will suggest more protein and fat as the first meal of the day for other people.

There’s a lot of logic that would suggest, just in terms of like a neurotransmitter response or a brain chemical response, that carbs are not good for most people early in the morning and they can actually cause more fatigue and sleepiness.

Contrary to that is more protein and fat would be better because of the acetylcholine and dopamine excitation. Or it gets you more switched on, gets you more cognitively focused earlier in the morning. Where as carbs would be better placed later in the day because carbs can help induce more serotonin and serotonin is more feel good, help us induce more relaxation, which of course would be appropriate for later in the day helping us calm down and therefore helping us sleep better.

Even for me as a nutritionist and nutrition coach is keeping me away from classifying good and bad, but really helping to take context into a situation. Who are we talking about? Maybe it’s good for one person, maybe it’s not good for another person. That’s really the spectrum of food in general, is what works well for one person really may not work well for another person. I guess, you know, what it all comes down to is it definitely depends.