Ben Brown featured on The List TV


Brad: What do you have for us today?

Ben Brown: Number one is to make your serving dish a different color than your food. The bigger the difference between serving dish and the food color the less likely we are to over-serve ourselves.

Brad: If you were to go on and buy new bowls, white is probably good. Not a lot of white food out there.

Ben Brown: That would make sense, white would make probably a good color.

Brad: Just a safe bet.

Ben Brown: Number two is you drink alcohol from tall glasses. A study showed that people tend to pour themselves 20-30% more alcohol in the shorter wider glasses than the taller thinner glasses.

Brad: What about in the boot from spring break?

Ben Brown: Right. Well then it’s encouraged to pour excessive amounts of alcohol.

Brad: That you want more. Multiple boots.

Ben Brown: Of course right. Then number three is to cut our into smaller pieces.

Speaker 2: Apparently doing that makes you think you’re eating more than you actually are.

Brad: It kind of takes more room on the plate.

Ben Brown: Right.

Speaker 2: Whatever tricks you use to help yourself, your friends and your family just remember it’s all about awareness of what we’re eating.

Ben Brown: As long as you’re aware of what you’re putting in then you’re going to be less likely to eat as much and you’re going to save your body the calories.

Brad: The diet of deception on The Breakdown. Nice, very good.