Burn Body Fat Effortlessly

My clients know that there’s no such thing as an “easy” way to lose weight. It takes hard work in the gym, optimal nutrition and lifestyle modifications. While not everyone is ready for such drastic changes, there are a few things that you can do on a daily basis to help boost metabolism, improve energy and muscle recovery, and subsequently decrease body fat.

1.   Eat leftovers for breakfast: Yep; steak, chicken, fish and/or eggs and green veggies is the new breakfast of champions. This will give you the fat, protein and lower starch carbohydrates that you need to keep blood sugar levels stable for hours on end.  Ditch the sugary scones and opt instead for some real food, your waistline will thank you.

2. Lift some weights: No, you won’t get big a bulky, in fact the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you will burn throughout the day. Also, weight training will help produce more of the “anti-aging” growth hormones that we need to keep us feeling at our best.

3. Just say NO to long-slow cardio: Current research suggests that the very best way to improve cardiovascular fitness in addition to losing excess body fat is to step up the intensity and decrease the duration of our cardio sessions. Try throwing in 30 second “sprints” on the bike, treadmill or elliptical and watch as the pounds melt away!