5 Ways to Beat the Holiday Bulge

Over the next several weeks you are going to be tried, tempted, tested, and tormented by all sorts of savory, sweet and sugary snacks.  Too often people throw caution to the wind and indulge on everything, using their all too cliché new years resolution to rationalize their unbuttoned pants, bulging belly and eggnog mustache.  Don’t let this be you! Follow these simple strategies to make it through the New year with your waistline in check.

healthy holidays

1. Eat every 2-3 hours

Feeding yourself frequently throughout the day ensures that you are regulating your blood sugar levels and stimulating your metabolism to burn fat. This will allow you to “burn hotter” throughout the day, utilizing fat as fuel.

2. Eat protein with every feeding opportunity

Protein, ideally from quality animal sources is highly thermogenic. That means that you burn calories simply through the process of digesting these foods. Protein is a key building block in skin, muscle, organ and joint health and should be eaten with every meal. The word protein actually means “of first importance”.

3. Eat vegetables with every feeding opportunity

Dive into a couple brightly colored servings of vegetables with each of your meals to ensure your getting all the nutrients and fiber you need. This will help fill you up and keep you from eating too much dessert.

4. Earn your sugary treats with exercise

Plan for those delicious holiday desserts, by saving them until after a hard weight training or cardio session. The 2-3 hours after exercise is the best time to eat sugar (of course it’s better if you don’t) because your cells are more insulin sensitive and can use that sugar as fuel rather than store it as fat.

5. Expect to cheat

Be realistic. If you think you can make it through the holidays without giving in to sweets, then good for you, but for most of us, that’s not going to happen.  So plan ahead and decide what and how much you are going to eat ahead of time. Then be proud of yourself for following thru.

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