How to Eat Healthy on the Go

Eating out doesn’t have to be challenging. Simply knowing what to look for can be the difference between a 250 calorie meal and a 1000 calorie meal.

Face it, we live in a fast paced society where eating on the run is both convenient and pleasurable.

So, why avoid it?

Follow these 5 guidelines to make the very best decisions on the go while sticking to your weight loss plan:

1) Choose sit-down restaurants
These will typically have larger menus where you can make better decisions like ordering a salad with chicken. If you’re really in a rush, then choose a deli shop or subway for a lower calorie “fast-food”.

2) Choose your restaurant ahead of time
Choose a restaurant before heading out in which you’re familiar with the menu. If not, look up the menu ahead of time and choose your meal. This way you’ll be less likely to stop for something less desirable and less figure friendly.

3) Have a snack before leaving the house
Sometimes we simply don’t have control over where we’re eating or what someone else is serving. If you’re unsure, having a healthy snack like fresh vegetables and guacamole, or a piece of fruit with cheese can be a great way to ensure your hunger doesn’t get the best of you when unhealthy food choices are on display.

4) Be a picky eater
Restaurants are becoming accustomed to many dietary preferences, like gluten and dairy free, low fat, etc. It’s no problem for them to modify an order for you, like a cheeseburger without the bun and steamed vegetables instead of fries, or getting a salad with extra chicken and the dressing on the side.

5) Don’t let your kids decide where to eat
It’s not uncommon for parents to choose restaurants based on their “picky-eaters” preferences, but that shouldn’t ruin your food choices. Instead choose restaurants where you know you can eat healthy while helping them eat “healthier”. Help them get extra veggies by choosing corn on the cob instead of French fries and milk instead of juice or soda.

No one wants to stay at home and cook every night. It’s fun going out with friends and being social. Be responsible for your food choices and weight loss goals by planning ahead and making the best decisions possible. Enjoy!