January Newsletter: Random Reflections from 2012

Random Reflection #1: Fat loss Success

We had some serious fat loss in 2012, but more importantly, helped our clients get healthier and improve their lifestyles.  I wanted to give some praise to a few clients for their hard work over this past year –

Matt – At 40 years old, Matt was already in good shape (15% body fat). I simply gave him some structured nutrition and weight training and his body fat dropped drastically (7.2%) in about 5 months. That meant eating more frequntly throughout the day, eliminating most grains, especially gluten and appropriate supplementation. As a first time competitor, Matt won the Arizona Men’s NPC physique 40+ age group at 6.3% body fat. Matt was very regimented in his approach to training and nutrition and I actually had to convince him to eat more carbohydrate from sweet potato, rice and gluten free products at times to help improve lean muscle mass and stimulate metabolism. Way to go Matt!

Check out his before and after photo’s on our testimonials page: http://www.scottsdalefitnessandhealth.com/scottsdale-nutritionist-testimonials.html



Allison was committed to get back in shape after having her 2nd child only 3 months prior. Within 12-weeks of training, Allison went from 30.9% to 20.2% body fat and lost 34lbs.

Allison committed to training 4x/week with me, during which time, we did strength training on 3 days, lasting no longer than 45 minutes, 1 day of core work, and some sort of short (5-15min) cardio interval on the treadmill or using a weight loaded push sled. Allison was required to do 1 other “interval” day as well as walking for 60 minutes on her off days. No other cardio work was done.

Allison rarely missed a workout even after sleepless nights, sick children and numerous other would be excuses. That is why her results have been so phenomenal. Allison is actually leaner and stronger now than she was as a division I college basketball standout. We commend her on her dedication to consistent training and clean eating.


Paul – At 57 years old, Paul was committed to get below 10% body fat, a life-long goal. Having been previously overweight, Paul has made exercise and healthy eating a priority for the last several years. Paul first came to me after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Additionally, we found out he had candida overgrowth and some serious adrenal fatigue. Over the last two years, Paul has learned more about his body, what foods and supplements work and which should be avoided, and is feeling better than ever. Since June, Paul has gone from 14.9% to 9.8% body fat.

Congratulations to Paul on his hard work and dedication to his training and nutrition. His success and commitment is inspiring! Check out Paul’s amazing transformation on our testimonials page:


It’s worth mentioning that the majority of our clients train on their own time and simply consult with us for exercise programing and nutritional guidance. In fact, we have developed a very large group of long-distance clients who we’re able to coach on-line and via phone.

Let us know if you’re interested in a FREE initial phone consult!!!


Random Reflection #2: Yes, Gluten Should Still be Avoided

I’ve talked a lot (Here) about the negative implications of grain consumption, especially gluten. While many celebrities are endorsing a gluten free diet, it seems that the decision to go gluten free has become more fad/trendy than health conscious based.

It’s important to know the varying ways that gluten-containing grains (anything with wheat/white flour – bread, pasta, cereal, etc…) can contribute to significant health problems, especially as we age. It goes WAY beyond just digestive issues. Also, for those that have eliminated gluten, simply replacing those foods with gluten-free similar products can wreak havoc with blood sugar – also leading to health problems.

Here’s a good synopsis of why gluten can be harmful by Dr. William Davis:


This article elaborates much more than the video:

Practically speaking, I’ve never had a client that didn’t feel better after eliminating gluten-containing grains for at least 30 days. In fact, I consider the majority of my practice’s success to this seemingly simple nutritional intervention. Most people would benefit by replacing grains with more fruit and vegetables and save a TON of calories in the process while getting more nutrition from real food.

This article has some good tips (15 to be exact) to successfully eliminate gluten:



Random Reflection #3: Environmental Toxicity is Making Us Sick…and Fat

It’s technically inaccurate to say that simply being toxic makes you fat, since we’re all toxic to some degree. Additionally, most American’s are fatter than they should be, so the correlation seems somewhat obvious. The fact is that environmental toxicity will significantly impair our ability to burn body fat (impairs mitochondrial function – our fat burning centers) as well as contribute to other metabolic disorders and disease states. Also, the sicker we get, the more impaired out detoxification pathways become, so it’s a bit of a vicious cycle.

I talked very generally about ways to detoxify HERE

While our bodies naturally detoxify, the level of toxicity we’re exposed to today far surpasses what we’re equipped to handle, hence the need for nutritional support from organic, quality food and appropriate supplementation. I’ve had a lot of success this past year getting more aggressive with specific “medical food” shakes that both nutritionally support the body and aid in the detox process. These will be available on my website shortly as will my recommended detox protocol.

I highly recommend the book Achieving Victory Over a Toxic World: by Dr. Mark Schauss.


Random Reflection #4: There’s nothing more important than family

The CT elementary school murders affected each of us in our own way. I feel deeply saddened for the parents and loved one’s of the victims. I also feel sorrow for the people in our society that are hurting so severely that they would consider harming or killing another human being.

I think that a deeper seeded issue regarding the shootings is one of mental health status in our country. We know that real health begins in the womb, and as we age, our genetic expression (how well we age) is affected by our lifestyle, namely our nutritional habits. I would like to believe that better nutrition and exercise habits for our youth would contribute to a decline in physical and cognitive disorders for young and old alike. However, it will be difficult to affect change as long as governmental influence and profound profit is found in our food and medical system. In the US, we do not practice preventative care, rather “sick care”. Here is a good article from the New England Journal of Medicine about out ‘healthcare’ system.

Here is a good blog from Antonio Valladares of Healthy Urban Kitchen that I found insightful about the Newtown massacre.

Random Reflection #5: More on Pooping

On a lighter note, my January 2012 newsletter, entitled “Healthy Pooping” had a record number of opens – about 15% more than any previous or future post, which leads me to believe that regardless of what anyone says, and as taboo as it may be to talk about fecal matter, there ain’t nothing like a good poop. Although I did lose some subscribers over that one, C’est la vie! Face it, poop happens.

Pooping fun facts Chart:

I’ll wrap things up with a couple pictures of me and my crew: