Keep it Simple – 5 Questions to ask around every meal


Keep it simple….

A couple years ago, I was working with a Native American group out of Alabama, and they asked us to do a presentation on nutrition for them. What I wanted to do is, I wanted to put together some easy guidelines to help them better understand how they could formulate their daily nutrition. What we came up with was a list of five questions that they could … But really anyone can ask themselves … Before and around every meal.

What they have to do with is one, “Am I actually hungry? Is it time to eat?”, or “Am I just bored?”. Or, “Am I thirsty? Am I looking for something just to fill the time?”, whether it be emotional or behavioral, etc…

Then two, if I actually am hungry, “How am I going to fill up that plate? Am I going to include a vegetable or a fruit? Am I going to include a lean protein source? Is it a more wholesome food? Is my food decisions actually moving me closer or further away from my goals?” What I’ve come to realize over the the years is that simply including these easy to remember, easy to implement strategies has created such a profound effect on my clients’ weight loss goals.

Rather than worry about calories, rather than worrying about macro-nutrients, these are very simple strategies that you can implement day to day, meal to meal, that can help you be successful long term.

Good ahead, check them out below. Let me know what you think. Please comment. Share, and message me if you have any questions. I’d love to know your thoughts.