Magnesium and Epsom Salt Baths

Magnesium is one of our essential minerals that we happen to be pretty depleted in and that’s a
product of our food quality and the fact that the soil that we grow our food in, here in the US is certainly deficient in a lot of vitamins and minerals, and therefore, our food is deficient in a lot of vitamins and minerals.

Magnesium particularly is important in hundreds of biochemical processes ranging from blood sugar regulation to nervous system function, to insulin management, to muscle growth and recovery, to helping regulate our circuiting rhythms in terms of our cortisol, our stress hormones and when we sleep and when we’re awake. Ensuring that our magnesium levels are optimal is something that is really important when we’re talking about 1-just being healthy, but 2-really trying to maximize fat loss, maximize our ability to recover from intense exercise and then maximize our ability to just rest and relax. Like I said, magnesium is one of those minerals that’s so important for our nervous system function and just allowing our body to be able to relax and rest and recover and regenerate.

1. A very simple way to increase your magnesium levels without having to supplement, per se, is taking Epsom salt baths. The fact that you guys are training hard day in and day out kind of carries along with it the fact that you’re going to be sore. Taking an Epsom salt bath at night is very beneficial to help reduce muscle soreness and fatigue,
2. to help boost those magnesium levels, because Epsom salt itself is very rich in minerals especially magnesium. 3- because your skin is an organ and you’re taking in all of the magnesium that’s in the bath, you’re helping replenish those magnesium stores which is thereby going to help you improve your quality of sleep.

Taking an Epsom salt bath at night before bed can really help with recovery, regeneration, and help with that sleep. My recommendation is to start with 4 pounds. That’s one of those whole jugs, whole cartons you would get at Walgreens or CVS, or I think at Costco, you can get one of those big bags, but I would start with 4 pounds in a very hot bath, soak for 30 minutes before bed, especially on- I would do it on a Friday night, because you never know if you’re going to be groggy or not the next day.

Start with 4 pounds of Epsom salt in a hot bath. Soak for 30 minutes and use that as a great way to improve sleep and balance out those magnesium levels.