Scottsdale Health Magazine: Does When You Eat Matter?

8/2014 – Body Systems Owner, Ben Brown shares some insight on the commonly held belief that when you eat may be more important than when you eat.


If you’ve been in the fitness world for a while, you may have heard about the concept of nutrient timing, or the theory that when you eat, may have just as significant of an impact on health, fat loss, and performance as what you eat.

Nutrient timing simply means eating specific macronutrients (such as protein, carbs, or fats)… in specific amounts… at specific times (such as before, during, or after exercise).

As it turns out, the concept of nutrient timing may not be as important as we once thought. In fact, for most people just trying to lose some weight and feel better, focusing more on what we eat, and how much, rather than when, may be of utmost importance.

But let’s see how the “conventional wisdom” regarding a few commonly held nutritional timing beliefs stacks up:

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