Restrictive Dieting and Weight Loss

Following the latest Juice Cleanse?

[But is that really going to help??]

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with what you “should” be doing for your weight loss goals, but rather than stressing on things you can’t control or trying to change too much at once, here are some seemingly simple tips to get the needle moving without stressing or feeling overwhelmed


But… you do have to make some Decisions:

–> Decide if you’re ready to make change <--
> Got a lot on your plate right now? Maybe it’s not the best time.
> Don’t force it because it’s just going to add more unnecessary stress

–> Focus on what you already do well <--
> Forget about all of your bad habits; what are you already kicking ass at?
> Write down 3 things you’re already doing well – Exercising? Eating breakfast? Avoiding sugar?

–>Identify ONE major roadblock <--
> What’s 1 major thing keeping you from reaching your goals?
> Binge eating? Late night snacking? Alcohol on the weekends?

–> Identify the tool you need to remove that roadblock <--
> Be confident with whatever you choose
• Get a meal plan
• Hire a coach
• Log your foods
• Use a habit change app
• Make a schedule
• Etc…

–> Change your environment to avoid relying on willpower <–
o Driving past the starbucks every morning
o Get your exercise clothes out and ready the night before
o Using smaller plates at dinner
o Sitting at the table instead of in front of the TV for meals


Forget about trying to go all out, being uber restrictive, trying to change others or fixating on a “cleanse/detox”.
Understand that you don’t have to be “All or Nothing” to be successful and decide that you’re ready to make change, acknowledge your strengths, identify and eliminate roadblocks by implementing realistic tools and start to change your environment to ensure long-term success.
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