Scottsdale Health Magazine – How Your Scale is Holding You Back: Part 1

7/1/13 – Body Systems Owner, Ben Brown shares why your scale may not be the most effective way to track changes in body composition

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Weight loss and fat loss are often two very different things. While we speak in terms of weight, scales, diets and calories, what we really should be discussing is food quality, hormones, strength training and stress.

In this 2 part series, we’ll discuss why fat loss doesn’t necessarily revolve around weight loss, cardio and calories. Instead, healthy fat loss involves regulating fat burning hormones through good nutrition and increased muscle mass. By focusing more on the types of food, exercise and stressors that affect our hormones, we can create permanent change in our body shapes, which ultimately matters far more than what the scale says.

Consider the fact that 95% of diet’s fail and 66% of those that do lose weight on a diet end up gaining more weight back. When we diet (restrict calories), we lose fat, but also lose muscle, water, and organ and bone tissue as the product of restricting calories. I’d say that in our pursuit of weight loss, we seem to be missing one very important fact:

The Key to losing fat is to focus on muscle muscle….

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