Scottsdale Health Magazine – How Your Scale is Holding You Back: Part 2

8/1/13 – Body Systems Owner, Ben Brown shares why your scale may not be the most effective way to track changes in body composition

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In part one of “How your Scale is Holding you Back”, we touched on two very important points regarding effective fat loss:

1) Scale weight is an unreliable indicator of fat loss and/or muscle gains. Instead focusing on the two independently, through body fat assessment techniques, like pictures, how your clothes fit, fat calipers, and circumference measurements, are the key to tracking successful changes in body composition.

2) Both having muscle mass and the process by which one attains muscle (lifting heavy weights) has a multitude of hormonal benefits, from improving the body’s blood sugar handling mechanism to simply burning more calories at rest.

In this part 2, we’ll lay out some basic exercise and nutritional components that, if followed consistently, is sure to fire up some serious fat loss. Because ultimately, when you can move past analyzing what the scale says and focus entirely on what is happening with body composition, only then, can you can truly track progress.

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