Body Systems Testimonials

We feel so privledged to have had the opportunity to work with such amazing people all across the country. We would like to share some of their experiences with our subscribers, current, and future clients.

Read up on some of our most recent client testimonials.

Scottsdale Personal Training and Nutrition Client

“I came to Kaitlin after a lot of time away from the gym due to injuries, my concerns with lack of strength and poor form needed someone with a very watchful eye to overcome these issues and get me back to being an athlete.
The results I achieved were due to Kaitlin’s perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized focus, and challenging yet achievable goal setting. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work and ultimately her clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations to help achieve any athletic endeavor. I felt like I was pushed when I needed to be – yet safe and prepared for greater strength gains and overcoming my lingering injuries.

She is the perfect combination of tough (“Kaitlin, you are KILLING me!”) motivating ( “Come on 2 more) and warm ( you are doing SO well)!

If only all trainers could be this prepared & dedicated to their client’s success and focus on their form and progression – it would revolutionize the industry….it needs more Kaitlins.

My program was 4 days a week, one on one training, with nutritional coaching and regular body fat testing.”

Judy Dotten – Scottsdale, AZ

From Scottsdale Chripractor and ART/Soft Tissue Specialist Dr. Brandon Boothe:

“Ben Brown at Body Systems is one of the most knowledgable trainers/health coaches/sports performance coaches and nutritionists I’ve been associated with. He uses evidence based guidelines for corrective exercise, nutrition and sports performance to meet your individual needs. As a healthcare professional myself I pride myself in giving my patients the most optimal options for care and health and Body Systems is my go to for training and nutrition. Kaitlin who also works for Body Systems adds to Bens repertoire of knowledge. She is an excellent trainer and also prides herself in giving her clients her best everyday. Kaitlin is very knowledgable and is a great addition to Body Systems. If you are looking for a trainer, a nutritionist Or a sports performance specialist…look no further Body Systems is where it’s at! I’ve seen great results with my patients that have worked with them. I trust Ben and Kaitlin and will continue to refer to them.”

-Dr. Brandon Boothe, DC
From long-distance training client John:

“I heard about Ben Brown and Body Systems from a co-worker who was working with Ben. I was trying to find a way to get back into shape and do so at my house. My co-worker who was already in good shape and worked out regularly raved about how Ben was giving him workouts that were different than he had ever done, so it intrigued me. Now being that I had done the infomercial workouts in the past and gotten through them, I was a little nervous as to what working with Ben would bring. I was looking to lose close to 90 pounds, so I figured I was going to starve and be working out 3 hours a day to see those type results. In the end, the workouts that I started with were hard, but not to the level that I could not move the next day and the diet that he laid out was actually easier than I ever thought of and it made it easy to stay on course. I have not been one to weigh myself every day, so I have measured my progress by the reactions that people have to seeing me and the fact that my tailor became my best friend as all my clothes began to be too loose to wear. In the 9 months that I have worked with Ben, I have lost 6 inches off my waist and my suit size is down 3 sizes, the last time I weighed myself that equated to 45 lbs lost, but I consider it much more as I have defined muscles that I have not had in a long time. Working with Ben is like working with a friend, he is responsive to questions and listens to what I feel is helping and hurting my progress. I have always been turned off by the people that work at the gyms I have gone to, because to them I only felt like a paycheck, but in dealing with Ben, I have never felt that, he truly cares about his clients and wants to see them succeed their goals, which again is not the norm in this industry. Albeit, working in person with Ben, would be nice, it is not feasible, but considering Ben is accessible via email and phone and sets up my programs online with videos for the exercises, it allows me to do my workouts on my schedule. Sometimes that means getting up a little early or doing them after work. Being that I have a demanding work schedule at times and have a 4 year old son, it is sometime tough to find the time to work out. In the beginning it was harder to get up early, but now I want to get up and do the workout and I realize that in less than an hour I am improving my health. At no point during my time working with Ben, did I feel that the long-distance was a hindrance to my progress. As I said previously if there was something I did not understand or felt I was not doing something right, I would look at the program on line or email/call Ben and get it corrected immediately. Lots of people have asked me about working with Ben, I sing his praises to all that will listen. I know a lot of people think that they can do this on their own or working with a professional like Ben is too expensive (and I was one of those people who thought both in the past). But to be honest working with Ben, and purchasing all the equipment I needed to do the programs he has designed is far less than joining a gym. As I see others talk about how they are going to change things and how they go to the gym but do not see results, I will continue to tell them about Ben and what he has done and how he has changed my life and future.


Congratulations to Matt Steve of Scottsdale for losing 7.8% (15% –> 7.2%) body fat and gaining 12 lbs of lean mass in 5 months.





















Update: Congratulations to Matt Steve for winning the men’s 40+ NPC Physique competition on 11/12/12. Matt competed at 6.3% Body fat. Way to go Matt


Congratulations to Jon of Scottsdale for losing 12.4% (24.6% –> 12.2%) bodyfat and gaining over 5lbs of lean mass









Heidi Carpenter’s Testimonial for working with Benjamin Brown, owner of Body Systems, and the BioSignature program.

I started working with Ben because I was interested in learning about how to reduce my body fat and heard about BioSignature, a program that is a much more comprehensive measurement of our body’s fat than the simple three pinch method most personal trainers use at most gyms. During my three months of nutrition coaching, my life took a 180 turn towards better nutrition and living a more healthy lifestyle. I had been a vegetarian for the year and a half prior to working with Ben and had encountered some scary health issues shortly before meeting him. He helped me realize that everything in my body from precancerous cells to a damaged digestive system were all tightly related and I needed to change my habits. Over the course of three months, I basically went from a vegetarian carbaholic runner to a protein craving body builder. The measurements from the BioSignature have shown that my body is slowly getting back on track. I lost 4% body fat and gained over 5lbs of muscle mass. Ben has been an invaluable resource and an overwhelming wealth of knowledge through this process and working with him has literally changed my life for the better.

UPDATE: Heidi has continued with the nutrition, lifestyle and supplement guidelines she received from Body Systems and is now (3 1/2 months later) down 10% Body fat total. Congratulations to Heidi on all of her hard work and success!!!!

Before: 3/4/2011      After: 10/17/11

Heidi – Mesa, AZ











Ben’s assistance has literally changed my life. One year ago, I was far down the path to destruction with regard to my health. I was an obese 16 year old weighing 260 pounds. With the expert nutritional and lifestyle guidance given to me by Ben, I was able to turn my life around and arguably save it in the process. I now weigh 190 pounds and am currently working on reducing my body fat percentage with Ben’s help. I am forever indebted to Ben and am incredibly thankful to have received his help.

Reed – Phoenix, AZ







30+% Body Fat and 260 lbs to 16.3% Body Fat and 195 lbs


Mike walked into our office depressed at 233lbs and 26.2% body fat. After our 12-week BioSignature fat loss program, he walked out at 215lbs and 20% body fat. He lost 18lbs (6.2%) body fat while maintaining his lean muscle mass.

Phenomenal progress for training on his own with minimal supplementation and a rigorous academic and work schedule. Way to go Mike!!!


Ben Brown is in the business of disseminating knowledge about nutrition, health and life in general. The BioSignature program works for me because Ben takes the time to explain the details in a way that make it possible to execute the plan. The supplements are very helpful. In the twelve weeks I spent with Ben I lost some fat and weight … but more importantly I gained knowledge and a new friend. If you want to improve your health and look better in your clothes Ben will give you the tools … you just have to be willing to do the work.












Start date: 212 lbs and 25% BF

13 weeks later: 194 lbs and 17.4% BF

Total fat loss – of 18 lbs and muscle mass remained the same

Total Body Fat loss – 7.6%

Bryan – Scottsdale, AZ


“Hey Ben,
I was a student in one of your classes a couple of years ago. Likely you dont remember me..Susan,..I was one of the older students. Well since then I have become very involved in taking care of my body. I have lost 25lbs and hit the gym 5-6 days per week. Sometimes even 7. Iam 51 now and can bench a clean 135 which I am a little proud of. I have little body fat and very high energy. Thanks for all the encouragement and good examples you gave me in class. It has stayed with me and grows stronger every single day.”


I was diagnosed with Celiac, a gluten intolerence desease. I needed help in learning what foods would be best for my  digestive system and what kind of supplements to take to help balance my diet. I actively searched the Phoenix area for a nutritionist and found many but narrowed the list to four. After interviewing each one, without question Ben was my choice. His depth of knowledge is impressive not only of health in general but fitness, nutrition and even my gluten intolerence. Ben is a genuine person who is truly  interested in helping you. I honestly have never felt better. If I could give Ben an award it would be an OSCAR thats how good he is. Maybe I’m being a little dramatic here but the point is…he is THE BEST…Period.

Paul Folk – Scottsdale

Congratulations to Paul for losing 5% body fat (14.9 – 9.8%) in just 4 months and gaining 5 lbs of muscle!


With the help of Paul and Ben I was able to reach my fitness goals in a short four weeks by putting on 5lbs of solid muscle.  Being a baseball player, having a proper exercise regiment is a must need. Paul knew exactly what he was doing to help achieve my goals in areas that are crucial for a baseball player. I have become faster on the bases, hitting the ball harder with increased strength and also able to maintain endurance for a long nine inning game and a 64 game season. Along with an intense workout With Paul I also learned from Ben that it is just as important to eat right along with working out. Eating healthy has not only helped me putting on weight but lean muscle to keep me staying quick on the baseball field. I have also noticed by eating healthy I have more energy, feel better, and focused. I would highly recommend this to anyone trying improve in sports or just trying to live a healthy fit life.

Thanks Paul and Ben










Kyle Toth – Yavapai Community College



Hi Ben,

I wanted to take a moment to reflect over the last 8 weeks of working with you. Most importantly, I want to thank you for your amazing knowledge and ability to transform my physical well being. What a great 60th birthday present!!!

From first determining my needs and aspirations to where I am today, I have been awakened to the value of working with your professional ability to customize diet and exercise. As you know, I was suffering with a degenerating C5 disk and physical therapy. In this last eight weeks, I have gone from 225 pounds to 210 pounds. I have lost at least 2 inches around my waist. My golf flexibility and strength have enabled me to go from a 6 to a 4 handicap. AND I am pain free!!

Thanks for helping me thus far and I look forward to continued good health and physical well being under your leadership and coaching.

Gary – Scottsdale, AZ


“As you probably know, Arthur and I have sworn off of gluten and sugar for the past three months. This attempt at more healthy eating was prompted by my visiting Ben Brown, a nutritionist/ fitness consultant, and a friend of Andrew.

I had been working out a lot, not losing weight and needed something to change my metabolism. Andrew knew Ben and encouraged me to see him and get his take on my situation; so I went to see him. Ben taught me the basics of nutrition, told me to eliminate gluten and sugar for a few months along with an exercise regiment. It has been three months and I have lost nearly 13 pounds, feel fantastic, still gluten free and eat very little sugar… Ben has a vast amount of knowledge about nutrition and exercise.”

Chris – Chandler AZ


“When I first met with Ben, my purpose was to lose weight and improve my golf game. Well – 25 pounds and a much healthier me later I can tell you that Ben knows what he is doing! I have achieved those goals and so much more.

Initially we went through an initial assessment of my physical condition and lifestyle habits. Besides a good workout routine, he also stressed the importance of proper diet and knowing your metabolic type as different types require different food groups. We tested for metabolic type and one I began the recommended regimen and started working out with Ben twice a week it was amazing how quickly the weight came off and my strength/stamina improved.

He also tested me for adrenal function and parasites. I am just completing the protocol for dealing with both these issues & I expect that retesting will show great improvement.

Besides the weight loss and more muscle/less fat, my cholesterol has dropped from 215 to 155, my blood pressure is down and so is my golf index! And I feel great – thanks, Ben!”

Judi – Scottsdale, AZ


“Ben worked with me on adrenal gland testing, fatigue, digestion, supplements, diet and fitness. I can not believe how far we came. It was due to Ben’s dedication, constant interest and encouragement. I am much stronger, walk without a limp through all his stretching and core training and am more flexible. I have way more energy than before. I highly recommend Ben for your wellness program. Thanks Ben for your continued support.”

Barb – Scottsdale, AZ


“Thank you Ben. Words cannot adequately express my gratitude to you for getting me back to my feet – literally- in record time. Before beginning my training sessions, I never dreamed how much of my hip function would be restored. I am a stronger, more flexible and more confident daily, and it would not have been possible without your constant interest and encouragement….”

Bob – Paradise Valley, AZ


“Thank you Body Systems. Working with you the past 120 days has been fun, exciting, and above all extremely beneficial. Your approach to total fitness which includes nutritional health as well as physical fitness has made a significant difference for me. I have lost 20 pounds, over 2 inches in my waste, added muscle tone to my core; most of all about 20 yards to my golf drive…”

Pam – Scottsdale, AZ


“Ben helped me eliminate several trainers to manage my specific back injury. It is very tricky for me to maintain muscle strength without reinjuring and creating spasms of extreme concern. Ben is capable and equipped with an unusual ability to recognize what one needs and use all the tools in his box to accomplish his client’s goals, including nutrition wellness programs. Give him the opportunity to help you and he will do what it takes to accomplish your goal, whatever age or shape. Thanks Ben.”

Annie – Scottsdale, AZ


“Ben Brown’s combination of a personalized exercise program and nutritional coaching program provides an excellent platform to help achieve health goals. It has helped me lose twenty pounds in four months. Thanks Ben.”

John – Scottsdale, AZ